Any ideas on how to fix the protest problem at the party conventions

While watching both the democrat and republican parties’ conventions during the last election, I realized that we have a problem that I can’t figure out how to address.  Each convention had protesters and most were peaceful but there was a small contingent of non peaceful protester and the police couldn’t tell one from the other.  The police decided to tear gas and mass arrest people.  Also the conventions got the city to make a rule so that the only place you could protest was in an empty stadium parking lot where no one was at.  Slowly we are losing our right to peaceful assembly when it comes to standing up against the two large political parties.  I feel that our right to peaceful assembly and protest is fundamental and I need ideas for :

  • What to do about the non peaceful protesters and the police’s inability to tell the difference.  Some kind of friend or foe system maybe
  • What to do about political parties trying to take away the right to assemble

Any ideas would help.  These are not easy problems but we can’t keep following the current path or the political parties will be beholden to no one but the lobbyists who get all too much face time during the conventions.

One thought on “Any ideas on how to fix the protest problem at the party conventions

  1. Very interesting. It apaeprs most everything was in the proper context but not sure. How do we, as citizens, find the time to really understand a candidates point of view and what they stand for? I guess part of the issue is the hustle and bustle we have put ourselves in accomplishing what we WANT to. While we feel things are important, we, as a whole, don’t see the need to be as engaged as we need to in learning about politics. Is this because a proper emphasis (or excitement) is not created in elementary and secondary schools? Or is it due to other issues constant rhetoric of politicians who don’t actually say anything or the media’s slanted influence depending on the viewpoint we choose to adhere to? Are we lazy, as a people, when it comes to politics? I know that I for one am tired, and at times scared, about what politicians are doing and the lack of progress they are making. How do you start a grass roots effort to bring this type of information to light?

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