The despair I frequently find in voters my age

Recently I got into a discussion with a peer. He stated that the choices in elections were so bad that he wasn’t going to vote. There was a time when I felt the same way. It is this feeling of, “I don’t care both sides are horrible.” This is exactly the attitude that should be curbed.  Despair and indifference can be more destructive then any thing else.

Then I went through a period of time where I wanted to start a political party that I called the swing party. This party would never put forth candidates. Instead they would vote to see who was happy with government. If a simple majority was happy then the party would vote for the incumbents. However if the entire party was majorly unhappy then the party would vote against all incumbents. For example congress approval rating is 17%.  So next election we would basically fire all the incumbents.  This would send a message to those who want to stay in congress.  I still like this idea because currently it seems that congress does whatever it wants.  A little fear is a great motivator but after a while I thought that this idea does wonders at motivation but will it change caliber of who we elect.

It gets rid of the bad but it does nothing to ensure that we vote in quality replacements.  I have given this a great deal of thought and if a campaign looked more like the campaign in the “This would be my campaign in the modern world” post, then we would be able to tell a lot more about our candidates.  Also the elections would be more enjoyable.  Please feel free to comment on anything that you think would help change the election process so that we can better know a candidate before they are elected.  The true way to fix the country is before the election and not afterward.

5 thoughts on “The despair I frequently find in voters my age

  1. Anyone who thinks all presidential candidates are the same should visit to see how different the candidates really are, at least on the issues. It shows all the candidates, not just the Democratic and Republican presumptive nominees.

    My results? 92% for the major party candidate I’m supporting, 13% for the major party candidate I’m opposing. Minor party candidates: mostly ranging from 89% to 46%, with one 3% outlier.

    Caveat: There’s a lot more to political candidates than their current stands on issues.

    • Mr. Price, I appreciate that you conmemt under your own name. Some of us, for various reasons, feel as though we cannot without having repercussions come back against us or ours. But I’m reading your posts and you rarely mention quality of education. It’s all about politics, and by extension, doing exactly what the Dems are doing now.Sure, I get that the BOE is a political entity. But at what point does good governance trump politics? How will the conservative principles to which you subscribe translate into readying Pennsauken’s students for the global economy? I subscribe to being slightly left of center, by the way. But those of us who are non-partisan are not lying to ourselves. We see the partisan politics for what they are, two clubs trying to gain access to the stream of tax dollars and jobs that the BOE and the township represent. Those of us who are non partisan are trying to look out for the district and township as whole. Our loyalty is to governance, not political party.

  2. I am not so much sure that the people feel that the candidates are the same, as they feel that regardless of choice, the toxic environment in Washington will consume whoever they vote for.

    • Jonathan, I have to take issue with one of your comments. There is no “enemy of my enemy” here. I’ve seodlm met a Republican I’ve agreed with 100%, and to be sure it’s no secret a considerably smaller percentage of Democrats. BUT, I’m a Tea Party girl at heart and have to examine each situation as it comes. I will always side with the ones closest to my principles even if they are yards apart, rather than let the ones win that are miles apart. I’ll do my best to know the character of the school board members and candidates by word and deed, voting out the corruption accordingly…while praying my conservatives friends will eventually step up and get into the game. We have only ourselves to blame for not introducing like-minded people. Until then, I choose the better of our candidates.There’s too much at stake in this election with a new superintendent, business administrator and director of personnel search to be uninvolved. If the politically minded candidates win this election, our school system will continue to plummet.

  3. The BOE, and the town for that matter, are coernolltd , not governed but coernolltd , by the Democrats. There is a big difference. The BOE is supposed to be non-partisan , not under the control of any party. You can go to most BOE meetings and not hear children or eduction mentioned once because of blatant party politics .BOE members are Danny O’Brien is the Pennsauken Twp Tax Collector and Assessor and also a Camden Co Democratic Committee person from District 8. Dr Allyson Meloni is the daughter of former Democrat Municipal Chair Honorable Louis Meloni. She has a sister employed high in the Twp government and her brother is in charge of Food Services for the BOE. Matt McDevitt and Dung Nguyen are Camden County Democrat Committee people from Districts 13 and 1. And last, but not least, Bernie Kofoet Pennsauken Twp Supervisor for the Dept of Public Works and President of the M-P Water Commission. Non-partisan ? Independent ?Jack Killion, Mayor, proudly point out that they (the Democrats) can do anything they want. He is right. They are, and have been in charge at the BOE. Their fingerprints are all over the failing school system. So do we reward failure by re-electing the same team ? Not where I come from.A strong Superintendent is needed. That is not likely to happen because the party first members of the BOE want someone who will do what they want. The mention of a forensic audit, due to the departure of the Superintendent and Business Administrator, threw the Democrats at the BOE, and the Township, into shock. We can’t have that was overheard.All of that can change this Wednesday April 27th. A change is needed at the BOE. That is not the smell of dead fish coming from the BOE.

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