The problem with stump speeches

Last election I watched the candidates stump speeches and they were the same speech given each time with a couple local references in each.  If you figure an hour collecting the local information at each place and then two hours giving the stump speeches, and then you figure three speeches per state, each candidate has spent (3 hrs * 3 speeches * 50 states) 450 hours on stump speeches per campaign.  With 12 hour days that is 37.5 days of repeating themselves.  This does not include time spent in transit.  With modern communication, this is a complete waste of time and I would love to vote for a candidate that is smart enough to figure this out.  Unfortunately, I think that neither candidate this year will be smart enough to realize that 39 days of work could produce something far more powerful and valuable then the same speech being repeated needlessly.

One thing that I would change about the election process

I don’t like the election process. We have these debates which in my opinion
shows who can think faster on their feet or more likely who has better talking
points. How ever they don’t show who is better when they have time to think
and plan. I think that they best way to show that would be for the candidates
to take a week after the debate and provide a non timed answer. The time limit
answer shows who is fast on their feet and the un-timed response shows who is
dominant at problems when they are not instantaneous.