This is how I would use some of the time presidential candidates use on stump speeches

Instead of traveling the country giving the same speech to my supporters who have already made their decision, I would post and show on TV one three hour speech with the goal of firing up my supporters. This would save a great deal of time which I would spend on converting my opponents.  I would fly one member of the opposite party per state. These fifty people would be from the opposite party as mine.  Over the course of 25 days, I would allow each an hour interview. One in the morning and one in the late afternoon.  This way they would have time to review  the other interviews so that they wouldn’t repeat each other.  Of course I would post all interviews.  The reason I would use opposition people is that I would be guaranteed to end the process with 50 hours of hardball questions.  After that the Presidential Debates would be a walk in the park.  You can  spend a massive amount of time and money talking to people who are already going to vote for you.  These people are going to send you fluff questions..  Or you can face your opponent’s base who will give you better insight into the other party and what they are looking for..

4 thoughts on “This is how I would use some of the time presidential candidates use on stump speeches

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