This would be my campaign in the modern world

The cost of running for office is about 750 million.  If I were to implement my plan from earlier post This is how I would use the some of the time presidential candidates use on stump speeches, then my campaign would cost:

  • My youtube channel Free
  • $50,000 advertising youtube channel
  • $100,000 flying and housing members of opposing parties
  • $50,000 test prep for my test prep for the article:

    I think “College Board” could play a pivotal role in making it easier to make a better decision for president

  • $30,000 making videos from the opposing sides interview
  • $50,000 making campaign ads
  • $20,000 to go to all the debates
  • $10,000,000  running campaign ads  (40 runs per state at 5,000 dollars per run)
  • $100,000 for a web developer and Social networking guru
  • $40,000 for web costs(hosting, ssl, polling,etc…

This comes to 10,440,000 which I think would be a campaign where the voter could have all the information that you could possibly want.  This would also reduce the amount of fundraising necessary or you could keep fundraising and donate the money to charities so that everyone in the world would know the candidates philanthropic side.  Let see, the remaining funds are: 739,560,000.  We will need to take out a million for travel for our campaign raising.  Which leaves us with 738,560,000.

Now if I divide it by ten that will leave me 73,856,000 which I can donate to the following:

  • Cancer Research Institute
  • Animal Welfare Institute
  • Save the Children
  • National Military Family Association
  • Scholarship America
  • National Council on aging
  • William J Clinton Foundation
  • Food for the hungry
  • Red Cross
  • Sierra Club Foundation

Of course these are just some random choices but if a presidential candidate made them then you would have a lot of insight into the man or woman’s character.

8 thoughts on “This would be my campaign in the modern world

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  2. I do not even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was good. I don’t know who you are but definitely you are going to a famous blogger if you are not already 😉 Cheers!

    • The likelihood that Mr. Obama will not get reelcted is very high. Regardless of his great speaking ability, he hasn’t shown that he places the good of the people or the good of the country ahead of getting something, anything done. If he is the best we can do, we would be better off with a Republican that we can count on to destroy the country. Once we’ve hit bottom, like an alcoholic, we may have the determination to rid ourselves of the cancer.How can anyone, who is a true Democrat, support the wealthy and corporations with such tax breaks, continue 2 unneaded wars apparently to not add to the unemployment figures even though they are killing or causing severe injurys to our low paid volunteer mercenaries receive no cooperation from the conservatives yet approve of the continuation of the senate super majority rules? We need you to run in the primary. You are the only one speaking sense and speaking with passion. It should not make a difference in the outcome of this coming election, but it will educate and this is of great importance.

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    • it better. Thank you for your elenouqt and accurate commentary.I agree: Obama is a moderate Republican; he is not a Progressive Democrat. So it’s time to vote him out of office, even voting for a Republican since the difference between Obama and Romney would not be great: both had the same health care plan, which sucks; both will implement tax breaks for the super rich and corporations; and both will not create any jobs.In fact, Romney may not be as much of a hawk as Obama: Obama has increased our military presence abroad.It’s time for all Progressives to send a protest vote to the DNC. If it gives us Republican look-alike candidates, we will vote Republican. We do not need two Republican parties in this country, the only difference being that the Democratic version is just a tad more liberal on its social issues, but still represents Wall Street, the super rich, and the multinational corporations.

  5. I doubt that a lot of the responses are ognriial thoughts and more likely generated by party platform politics and the result of his writers and given his signature of approval for publication. It is interesting that the questions and answers will probably never reach mainstream media for reprint and analysis save a few fringe individuals or groups that are deeply interested in science and the current disposition of the United States. I won’t go through every question and response but just a few.1.) “My administration will work to guarantee to students access to strong science curriculum at all grade levels so they graduate knowing how science works using hands-on, IT-enhanced education. As president, I will launch a Service Scholarship program that pays undergraduate or graduate teaching education costs for those who commit to teaching in a high-need school, and I will prioritize math and science teachers. Additionally, my proposal to create Teacher Residency Academies will also add 30,000 new teachers to high-need schools training thousands of science and math teachers. I will also expand access to higher education, work to draw more of these students into science and engineering, and increase National Science Foundation (NSF) graduate fellowships. My proposals for providing broadband Internet connections for all Americans across the country will help ensure that more students are able to bolster their STEM achievement.”Specifically…”As president, I will launch a Service Scholarship program that pays undergraduate or graduate teaching education costs for those who commit to teaching in a high-need school, and I will prioritize math and science teachers.”This is not a novel idea at all. In my state of Missouri, the legislature established a college [Warrensburg State Teachers College and still in existence] whereby the state paid for higher education. In exchange, the graduate was to perform a few years teaching at various high schools throughout the state. Not an indentured situation at all but a fair trade agreement between the state and the student. It should be revived.2.) “There can no longer be any doubt that human activities are influencing the global climate and we must react quickly and effectively.”I am not convinced. The history of the Earth cannot be deduced in merely nearly 200 years of industrial activity. An environmental change is a different issue.The bottom line just appears to be more government involvement and government [taxpayers] spending. Fundamental issues of why the middle class is disappearing and less disparity between an earned wage and inflation are paramount.

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